Funnier Broads: Boston Comedy Chicks

This week highlights the kick ass group, Boston Comedy Chicks! Keep reading to find out all be cool stuff they do!

Boston Comedy ChicksBoston is a tough city. It vacillates from cold and unforgiving to warm and welcoming, sometimes within one block (and no, I’m not talking about the weather). You have to be fast, smart and have your head screwed all the way on your neck and not up your ass to survive. It’s also a good idea to have a wicked sense of humor.  Continue reading “Funnier Broads: Boston Comedy Chicks”

Funny Broad Got a Makeover!

Updates! New site design! Check it out!

cropped-c1249208-d39d-456d-b1b6-bf5af11b7906.pngAs I’m sure you’ve noticed, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on this site. If I’m being completely honest: I was totally uninspired and bored. I wasn’t in love with the layout, my content…ANYTHING. So, I put it off to the side and ignored it along with all of the other problems I had piling up.

A few weeks ago, I was looking at my credit card statement and noticed I was still paying for a subscription to Audible. I had signed up for it months ago and had downloaded a book, just to check out the experience. I didn’t hate it, but much like everything else, I became distracted and didn’t use it again. Trying to cancel my subscription, I found I couldn’t do it from the app (annoying). I logged on my Amazon account and was just about to pull the trigger when I noticed I had 4 credits for books just sitting there. Never one to pass up a deal, I decided I would download 4 books and give them a listen. If at the end I was uninspired by the audio experience, I would cancel. Easy. Continue reading “Funny Broad Got a Makeover!”