Watch Mario Eat: Ricotta Honey Triangles

Nothing wrong with gooey.

What better way to celebrate Easter than to watch our loveable local celebrity taste tester Mario Hilario nosh on some delicious treats? There is no better way. Don’t even bother going to church today because watching this will give you eternal life!

Today’s menu is Ricotta Honey Triangles and honey, they were a delight! Chef Terranova warned him they might be a little gooey, but that wasn’t stopping him.

Nothing wrong with gooey. – Mario

That’s right, Mario. Ain’t nothing wrong with gooey.

Did he say gooey?
Ohhhhh, he did! I love gooey!


Here we goooooo….


Just the tip! *Nom nom nom*




You want some?


Ok, I may have underestimated the goo. This is incredibly sticky.


But I’m a  goddamn champ. Delicious!


I Think You Lost Something.

Summer is in full swing, which means I get to see all of your lovely beach pictures while I rot away at my desk. Really, it’s ok. I’m not mad at the fact that I chose a shitty path in life which relegates me to sitting in a 8×8 cube 8 hours a day. Why would I have picked a profession that would allow me the freedom of having the summers off’? That would be ridiculous.  Nay, I prefer the just above annoying buzz of fluorescent lights any day. You guys don’t know what you’re missing.

As I sit here and rage-scroll through Facebook, it reminds me of a time when I, too, was fun and fancy free, letting lose in the sand. It was a simpler time, a time when my only concern was what tape I was going to bring with me to the sandy shores of Narragansett Bay. Did I want to listen to a full album, or perhaps a mix tape? Maybe both, depending on how long I was going to be there. This was also a time when sunblock was a mere suggestion. I spent nearly every summer looking like a burn victim, pouring gallons of aloe on my sun-abused skin. But it was a good time and I didn’t really mind it so much. However, the BEST beach season I can remember was when I was about 14 years old. That was the year I was allowed to ride the “beach bus” with my friends and hang out all day. Of course, this fun experience was short-lived after one of the most embarrassing things to ever happen to an adolescent girl took place in the summer of 1994.

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