Watch Mario Eat: Tiramisu Crepes!

Lots of “ooohhs” and “ahhhs” in the studio this morning for the Tiramisu Crepes. Mario couldn’t wait to dig into this culinary delight, and of course, he LOVED it!  Get your fill on these delicious faces…


Watch Mario Eat: Ricotta Honey Triangles

Nothing wrong with gooey.

What better way to celebrate Easter than to watch our loveable local celebrity taste tester Mario Hilario nosh on some delicious treats? There is no better way. Don’t even bother going to church today because watching this will give you eternal life!

Today’s menu is Ricotta Honey Triangles and honey, they were a delight! Chef Terranova warned him they might be a little gooey, but that wasn’t stopping him.

Nothing wrong with gooey. – Mario

That’s right, Mario. Ain’t nothing wrong with gooey.

Did he say gooey?
Ohhhhh, he did! I love gooey!


Here we goooooo….


Just the tip! *Nom nom nom*




You want some?


Ok, I may have underestimated the goo. This is incredibly sticky.


But I’m a  goddamn champ. Delicious!


Watch Mario Eat: LIVE!

Monday got you down? Well, cheer up, Chuck. Special thanks to the stealthy Mario-watcher who sent in this gem today. A live action shot of the man himself eating a delicious lunch!

If you have any Mario sightings, send them in! Your secret is safe with me. 🕵❤️🍴