Pizza Party 2020

Serving you hot n’ fresh in 2020.

Let’s do this, America.




Watch Mario Eat: Veggie Fritata

Mario loving the delicious mozzarella balls in the frittata on today’s Sunday brunch! 

Watch Mario Eat: Maple Bacon Biscuits

When it’s your friend’s birthday and you gotta keep it cute and share but you know you the real MVP.

Watch Mario Eat: Ham & Cheese French Toast!

Today’s breakfast served with FACE, FACE, FACE! Mario loooooved the Ham & Cheese French Toast!


Watch Mario Eat: Apple Blosspm Quiche!

Mario thought real men don’t eat quiche…but boy was he wrong! He loved today’s Apple Blossom Quiche!

If you love Mario, quiche, and all thing breakfast comment below!

Watch Mario Eat: Strawberry Muffins

When someone says you HAVE to respect Trump. Continue reading “Watch Mario Eat: Strawberry Muffins”

Watch Mario Eat: Egg Nog!

Today’s breakfast is a liquid breakfast of egg nog! I was pretty disappointed when I saw this, but then Chef Terranova put heavy cream into the mix and Mario got all sorts of excited. Turns out he loves egg nog. 

Get lit, fam. 

Watch Mario Eat: Apple Cheddar Biscuits

Today’s edition of Sunday Brunch featured a recipe for Apple Cheddar Biscuits. This is the second week the chef has prepared an apple dish, and I’m not so sure Mario was happy about it. If you don’t know by now, Mario loves ooey, gooey dishes and doesn’t care much for dry pasties. But, like the pro that he is, he kept his personal feelings in check and ate the whole thing. 

Here’s our favorite journalist digging deeper into the dish:

Watch Mario Eat: Monkey Bread Danish 

A little monkey business in the studio this week! Standing in front of a bacon mural (one of his faves), Mario gets down and dirty with this sticky sensation. Showcasing his love of finger foods, he unapologetically dug right in. We all know he isn’t afraid of a little goo.

This breakfast treat gets two huge, wet, sticky thumbs up!