Happy (Un)Anniversary

September 15, 2015

Dear 2007 Marie:

Today is our eight year wedding anniversary. Crazy, right??

That was the first thought that popped into my head this morning when I woke up, and it made me smile. Such good memories! You are dressed in a beautiful wedding gown with flawless hair and makeup. People fawning all over you, taking pictures. The only thing you had to do was show up! When does that ever happen? We were surrounded by lots of loving friends and family, ready to have a huge party and celebrate this awesome day.

Then, I rolled over in bed, looked to my right and saw the man I love. Except, it’s not the man you married. Continue reading “Happy (Un)Anniversary”

Divorce Care Package On Huffington Post

I was asked by the Huffington Post to put together a “Divorce Care Package” for their series of the same name.

Read all about it here!


Don’t Buy Clothes With Zippers, And Other Life Lessons

The other night, I was going out. It was a Saturday, and I decided that I wanted to wear a dress that I had bought. It’s super cute and doesn’t make me look fat (that’s according to my full length mirror placed at the perfect angle. Don’t you dare touch it).  Even though it’s sub-zero out, a girl wants to look nice!

While putting on said dress, I immediately remembered why I shouldn’t have bought it: it has a goddamn zipper. It’s not a whole back zipper, either. It’s one of those halfway up jobs. You know, just far enough that I can get it about 3/4 of the way up. After that, it becomes a yoga routine. I literally had to do stretches to limber up the ol’ muscles to finish. It took me a solid 7 minutes of reaching, swearing, and sweating, but I did it. When it was done (and I reapplied my deodorant), I swore I would never buy another zippered dress again. There was no one there to help me. I very well could have injured myself! Then I would have been at the orthopedic explaining that no, doctor, I didn’t dislocate my shoulder playing a contact sport; I was simply trying to get dressed.

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They Say That Breaking Up Is Hard To Do….

….and now I know, I know that it’s true.

Today was a not-so-good-pretty-terrible day. No, it’s not because the Patriots lost (although that sucks too, I suppose). I’m sad because I was hit square in the face with the impending reality of my divorce.

In less than 10 days, I will be signing my final divorce papers. I went to my (former) house today to hang out with my dogs, as well as to get the last of my stuff. This is something that I’ve been doing all year, sort of taking my things piece meal. It’s also been my excuse to go back and see those furry fucking goofballs I love so much. But today, I had to get my wedding dress, and I completely lost my shit. Obviously, he doesn’t want to keep the dress there, and I don’t blame him. I have been telling myself that I would take it each time I went, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. However, he asked me to take it today, so I did. I grabbed it out of the closet…..and it’s now sitting in the trunk of my car. I literally CANNOT bring myself to take it out of there today.

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OkStupid: Why Didn’t You Just Tell Me You’re A Complete Maniac?

True story.

If any of you have read my initial blog post (Catharsis), then you know would know that I am in the process of a divorce. While I’m not hiding this aspect of my life, I’m certainly not making it my defining feature. That being said, I have started to wonder what the world of dating is like now. I haven’t dated anyone since 2003, and things have completely changed since then. There was no Facebook, there was no texting, people still called each other on the phone. There wasn’t even MySpace (I don’t think?). So yeah…its a lot different now.

I decided about a month ago to geeeeeeeeeeeeently ease my toe into the dating pool, just to see what was going on these days. I work 40 hours a week, and I don’t really do the bar scene. Most, if not all, of my friends are married with children, as are all of their friends. So, pickings are slim. There’s really only one other option to meet people at this point: a dating site.

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