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Shows: Double Date with Rob & Marie

Rob Pierce and I are back Thursday, March 10th for another Double Date at the Rhode Island Comedy Connection!

Our first show was a total success and we would LOVE to have you join us again. We’ve got more hilarious comics lined up for you: Sam Ike, Heather May, Jonathan Tillson, and headlined by Stephanie Peters!

Get your tickets here:






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Hold The Mayo (Again)!

Hey gang! Remember that time I was on Jay Mayo’s awesome podcast, Hold The Mayo? Well, he asked me to come back so here I am again! Do yourselves a favor a give it a listen. We talk about all sorts of fun stuff like heroin, Eric Clapton, Daryl Hanna, amazing 80s movies, and my new show Double Date!

Click here to listen. It’s that easy!

Want tickets to see Double Date with Rob and Marie? You can get them here!

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Funnier Broad: Alessandra Grima

Look! It's Alessandra in the wild!
Look! It’s Alessandra in the wild!

Alessandra Grima is a modern-day Renaissance woman. Over the past few years, I’ve seen her perform in our local comedy scene. Recently, I’ve come to realize she’s more than just a comic. Instagram sensation, actress, model, comic, singer, fashion designer. You name it, she’s done it.

This interview took place one night over a bottle of wine and several hours of laughter. I recorded our mildly intoxicated conversation, which has now lead into an accidental podcast (which is coming soon — hopefully). While that is under construction,  I wanted to share the highlight reel of the interview. Enjoy! Continue reading “Funnier Broad: Alessandra Grima”

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Shows!: Hold The Mayo Podcast 6/30/15

Hold The Mayo

Last night I had the absolute pleasure of being a guest on comedian Jay Mayo’s Hold The Mayo podcast. We talk about music, hatred for Madonna and hipster, comedy, love, and forming hate groups.

It was so much fun and I really encourage everyone to subscribe. Jay has a great interview style, which is why this podcast’s popularity is skyrocketing.

Here’s a bunch of places you can find the episode:

Direct Download:


Stitcher App

Spreaker App:


Enjoy! xoxo

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Funnier Broad: Alyssa Limperis

I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with some incredibly talented women in comedy. One of those women is Alyssa Limperis.

She is the first of several interviews that I will be sharing spotlighting stories, experiences, and overall views of comedy.  Continue reading “Funnier Broad: Alyssa Limperis”