Hold the Mayo (with a side of Forster?)

Ok, that’s a really shitty title for this post, I know. BUT! You know what’s NOT shitty? That Jay Mayo, host of the spectacular podcast, Hold the Mayo, asked me to join as co-host of this amazing show! I’m being 100% honest and will tell you I didn’t believe him when he first asked me. I thought he was playing an elaborate prank and I would say yes and then he would say “Hahaha omgwhatadummy, I can’t believe you fell for that.”Honestly; I really thought that. Turns out he wasn’t kidding.

Not sure if I’ll fit in that jar…

When I was a young(er) woman, I had dreams and aspirations to be on the radio. My major in college was communications. I hosted a very late night radio show with my friend at our school (shout out to WRIU!) I interned at the local Clear Channel station in Providence. I had dreams of becoming the next Howard Stern, or at minimum a Robin Quivers equivalent (except not as annoying and more accurate with facts.) Unfortunately, that dream was never realized. I can’t even tell you why it wasn’t. I know it was right around the time my father passed away and things kind of took a turn for the worse. I lost interest in a lot of things and did what I had to do to finish school. After that, I didn’t know what to do or where to go.

Enter podcasting.

Jay has hosted this podcast for the past few years and I’ve watched (and listened) to it evolve into something fun and exciting. Although the majority of guests are comics, it’s definitely not limited in scope. There’s been musicians, wrestlers, writers. If you’re interesting, you’ll probably get on the show. I’m so fortunate to have this experience and fulfill this dream of mine.

April is the first month where I officially joined the show. We’ve recorded a new episodes, with each one getting better and better. We’re having a blast talking with our guests and plodding this new course. You’ll have a blast listening.

Here’s where you can find us (and other fantastic podcasts in the Corrupt Audio Network!)

Corrupt Audio


iTunes (subscribe and rate us here!)









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