Funny Girl

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve written a post. I’ve been flooded with emails (I haven’t) from all my fans (there’s not many) demanding a NEW BLOG (never happened)! I’ve succumbed to your collective pressure.

Like the mother tomato said to the baby tomato that fell behind, let’s ketchup! There’s been an awful lot going on in my life over the past few months, and it’s all been very positive. It’s a nice change from the soul crushing winter where the most fun I had was taking a shower. It was awful; glad it’s over. So…..what have I been up to?


As most of you that read this blog know, I tried my hand at stand-up in February (Six Minutes). This whole thing has been such an awesome experience for me. I can’t believe it’s only been a few months; I feel like it’s been much longer. I’ve learned a lot about myself in doing this. It’s taught me to take on challenges, practice self-discipline and awareness, and get over self consciousness (somewhat). I’ve been pretty active, doing shows and open mics. I have also been blown away by the sense of community that this scene has. I admit that going into this, I thought that most established comedians probably wouldn’t be very welcoming to a newcomer, but I was dead wrong. I have gotten nothing but positive support and encouragement from all I’ve met.

Ok. Now I want to talk about one of the not-so-super things I’ve noticed.

Even in my short time of performing, there has been one really obvious omission from the scene: female comics. Now, I’m not saying that there aren’t any, because of course there are. The ones that I have seen and met so far have been awesome and super hilarious. I just wish there were more of them! The ratio of men to women is completely fucked. I’m not easily intimidated, but there’s something about walking into a show and it’s 10-12 male comics, and just you. It’s kind of terrifying, to be honest. Obviously, there’s nothing to be done about this. It’s not like I can form a union and force women to take this up. It does make me wonder, however, if there are women out there that don’t try because it is a predominantly male business? Maybe? Maybe not.

I like to think that being a woman has no effect or consideration on whether or not I’m funny. However, you kind of pick up on the little nuisances that people say. Here’s a few that I’ve heard, either said directly to me, or to others:

“You’re really funny for a girl”

“Hot girls can’t do comedy because they’re not smart”*

“People will pay attention to you because you have boobs”

“Here’s a really funny female comic”

*I am in no way implying that comment was directed toward me; it was just something that was said.

See what I’m saying? When people say stuff like that, it’s kind of fucked up. This is not me getting on a high horse here; I don’t think that those who say these things are bad people. It’s just an interesting observation. You would never say to someone, “You’re really funny for a guy.” or, “People will pay attention to you because you have a dick.”

It sometimes feels like as a women in comedy, you’re held to a different standard. You’re either funny or you’re not. Comedy should never be about the gender of the comic. Men are not funnier because of their penises just as women aren’t funnier because of their boobs. Now, let’s stop pointing out our genitals and get to telling some fucking jokes.

Author: Marie Forster

I write this blog to (over) share the good, bad, and absurd with the masses. You can also find me performing stand-up comedy. Or….eating pizza.

2 thoughts on “Funny Girl”

  1. Your observations about the gender differential are correct.I do know a few women who have considered standup but decided against trying, not so much because of the gender gap, but because of the content of several comedians sets; namely the subject of sexual assault and rape. Too many comedians callously normalize the subject by implying they’ve commit these vile acts or that they don’t see a problem with them. It creates an unwelcoming atmosphere for women since the majority of sexual assault are committed against them. I’ve been at an open Mic with a close friend who is a survivor of rape and she ended up sobbing after one guys set because his, “jokes,” brought her right back to that most hideous of experiences.
    In conclusion you are spot on about women in comedy and I hope more you come out and change the dynamic of the scene.


    1. I’m sorry to hear about your friend. I agree, there can be a lot of derogatory “jokes” made about that subject. I’m in no way a “clean” comic….I talk about some kind of dirty stuff. It is sad though that women feel intimidated to get involved because of it. I don’t think I’m changing the world here, but I do hope that maybe in me doing this some woman might say, “hey, if she can do it, so can I!”


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