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#NaBloPoMo – Day 2

It’s Day 2 and I’m back at it again with a fresh blog! What a streak!

First, let me start with a HUGE thank you to those  who dropped in to read my post from yesterday. I wasn’t thrilled with the way it came out, but I received some encouraging words from friends and readers saying they were happy to see a new post. It still shocks me when people tell me they enjoyed a post and it was something they could relate to, or got them through the day. Hearing that pushes me forward and I’m forever grateful. You’re all the best!

Today’s writing prompt is an interesting one: When is the last time you did something brave? What happened?

Damn, BlogHer, why you gotta make me feel feelings and shit?

Ok, fine. Here we go. Continue reading “#NaBloPoMo – Day 2”

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#NaBloPoMo: Day 1

The site BlogHer has thrown out the gauntlet to the blogosphere to write a post every day(!) for the month of November. Since I’m an idiot who likes to challenge myself to invariably fail, I signed up.

I’m looking at this as  a fun little exercise for me to get back in the ol’ swing of things. Or a fun exercise in how easily I give up. We’ll see. The premise is each day they provide writing prompts which I will most likely follow (unless I get some other good ideas) and you blog your silly little heart out!

Today’s the first day of the contest, and the prompt asks, “When you’re having a bad day with your mental health, what do you do to help yourself?” Continue reading “#NaBloPoMo: Day 1”

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Watch Mario Eat: Apple Cheddar Biscuits

Today’s edition of Sunday Brunch featured a recipe for Apple Cheddar Biscuits. This is the second week the chef has prepared an apple dish, and I’m not so sure Mario was happy about it. If you don’t know by now, Mario loves ooey, gooey dishes and doesn’t care much for dry pasties. But, like the pro that he is, he kept his personal feelings in check and ate the whole thing. 

Here’s our favorite journalist digging deeper into the dish:

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HTM: Derek Lewis

derek lewisThis week we welcome Derek Lewis back to the show. Derek shares stories about meeting Violent j from Insane Clown Posse, interviewing Andrew W.K., and and experience with “Weird Al” Yankovic. We also talk about EverQuest, getting shot in the face at a party, building popular websites, quitting drinking, and Derek’s impressive sense of confidence. Listen for FREE on ANY DEVICE by clicking the link

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HTM: E.J. Edmonds

This week we feature comedian @mrejedmonds (@realjokejunkies) Jay, Marie, and E.J. talk about everything from southern culture, clown meat, fried bologna sandwiches, and stereotypical white sayings. We also talk about KFC, a date that Jay went on, and we rate people on their physical attractiveness. We also debut a new segment at the end of the episode, so make sure you listen all the way through to to the end!